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Parent Coaching

All parents deserve good developmental information, helpful perspectives on difficult behaviors, effective parenting tools, and lots of emotional support. This is what I aim to provide with parent coaching. For additional details, including fees for services, please visit the coaching section of my FAQ page.

Individualized Help

I provide online parent coaching services to parents around the world. Coaching sessions can be a great way to receive help that is tailored to the specific challenges you are facing as a parent. Coaching sessions might be right for you if... -- You are dealing with persistent behavioral challenges in your family and are at a loss for how to resolve them. -- Your family is facing big changes (new sibling, divorce, loss, moving, starting at a new school, etc.), and you're looking for guidance on how to help your children through the transition. -- You want to be more "on the same page" with your partner on parenting. -- Things are going okay in your family, but you want to move towards more connection, more fun, and more play. -- You want to learn how to encourage your children's cooperation without resorting to the yelling, threats, bribes, and other strategies that leave you and your children feeling terrible. -- You want help lifting some of your parenting triggers so that you can be the parent you want to be more of the time.


How Coaching Works

Coaching is similar to, and different from, therapy. Similarities include having a space to explore your thoughts and feelings about your life and relationships, past and present. However, with coaching, my focus is on your role as a parent and on helping you build the skills and perspectives that are going to contribute to you feeling successful in that role. At the beginning of our coaching relationship, you'll have a chance to tell me about your family, what's going well, your children's current behaviors, and where you're struggling as a parent. I'll listen to you with warmth and without judgment so you have space to share honestly. I hold the perspective that parents are good, children are good, and that much of what makes parenting and growing up so difficult comes from forces in our society, not individual shortcomings. I will help you unravel the root causes of your child's challenging behaviors as well as your own emotional triggers to those behaviors (we all have them!). I'll share developmental perspectives and coach you to implement practical, connection-based parenting tools that feel good to use and effectively address your child's core needs for connection, safety, and agency. You will leave sessions with specific steps you can take in the week(s) ahead to increase warmth, laughter, and cooperation in your home. During subsequent coaching sessions, you'll have the opportunity to report on what you tried, and we'll troubleshoot any challenges. Finally, I'll help you think about ways to build more emotional support for yourself within your own parenting community.


Benefits of Parent Coaching

Through parent coaching, I hope you will: -- Gain confidence in your ability to help your children navigate life's challenges. -- Feel close and connected as a family. -- Experience more joy in parenting. -- Feel supported and appreciated as a parent. -- Know the significance and value of your work as a parent. -- Be the parent you want to be more of the time.

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